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In the third edition of Modern Dogs, Rawdon Lee wrote: "The Scottie, once called the Aberdeen Terrier, had been popular in the Highlands for generations, "where, strangely enough, he was known as the Skye Terrier, although he is so different from the long-coated, unsporting-like looking creature with which that name is now associated... I have seen an engraving of a picture at the close of 1700 in which there is a capital representation of a Scottish Terrier, one quite of the modern type."

During the last half of the nineteenth century, many Cairns, Skyes, Dandie Dinmonts, and West Highland Whites were exhibited routinely under the title of Scottish Terriers. In the course of time, a great debate arose over what was meant by breeders who described their dogs as the "true" Scottish Terrier.

In the pages of the Live Stock Journal issues for the months of January through May, 1879, a heated controversy arose as to whether or not there actually was such a dog as a purebred Scottish Terrier. Letters were published, written by various canine fanciers, prominent among whom were "Strathbogie" (Captain Gordon Murray), "the Badger," (Sir Paynton Piggott), Sir John Everett Millais, Dr. Gordon Stables, and Thomas Gray. Murray and Piggott in particular wanted to tell the English all about the breed they knew to be real. Despite their many disappointments, the two men persevered and were eventually rewarded by Mr. Shirley, President of The Kennel Club, who established classes for Scottish Terriers at The Kennel Club's show which was held at the Alexandra Palace. Subsequently, the Scottie became one of the most popular Terriers in Britain and held that position for many years.


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